Mazda’s Minivan History

March 31st, 2021 by

Does Mazda Make a Minivan?
Throughout its history, Mazda has always been known for performance. The brand creates fun to drive vehicles that are still affordable, allowing you to enjoy your drive without breaking your budget.

In most recent years, Mazda has also been known for luxurious amenities that still remain in a budget-friendly form, along with taking SUVs and other family vehicles that are known for their dull driving experiences and making them a blast to drive.

So, what about a minivan? Has Mazda taken its performance acumen and put it into minivan form? After all, minivans are known for being the kings of family vehicles.

Is the Mazda Minivan Still in Production?

Well, at one point Mazda did make a minivan. And though it may have technically been considered a minivan, it was smaller in size compared to what we here in the United States think of as a minivan. If you saw it on the streets, you may think of it more as a larger hatchback or subcompact SUV.

That said, Mazda no longer makes its minivan model. Instead, they’ve developed several sizes of SUV models, from the Mazda CX-3 all the way up to the Mazda CX-9. Though we have nothing against minivans, we think Mazda made the right choice here, as these SUVs not only deliver more style but are also equipped for life both on and off the road, large families and premium-level amenities.

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